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Need advice

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Need advice

I need advice I paid all my credit cards off. I have 4 store cards 2 Visa credit union cards, 1 best buy master card, 2 capital one cards two gas cards no visa or mastercard logo. My highest credit line is Bank of America that's 2000. I'm trying to get a higher cli on all or most of the cards. My store cards are Jcp 200 cl, Macy 1400 cl, old navy 200 cl, target 200 cl. I don't want another store card. Can someone tell me the names of GREAT credit cards I can apply for once everything update on my reports? I want 4 major credit cards and I'm done. Also, should I try to get the cards I have already limits raised before I apply for new credit or should I wait until I get the new cards? Thanks

S/n I have one paid medical bill judgement (4yrs old).
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Re: Need advice

If you want an additional bank card for flexibility in spending, then it makes sense.

However, with three bank cards, you are unlikely to improve mix of credti by addition of a fourth.


The primary factor I would consider before applying for a new bank card or seeking CLIs is the liklihood of approval.

What is your current score? 

If score is iffy, then I would first concentrate on score improvement.  Is the judgment paid?  If not, that alone could result in denail, regardless of score.


Keeping % util on existing cards low will give the same current score improvement in util of credit without need for higher CLs or an additional CL on a new card.

Once you are confident that your score and any manual review of derogs in your CR are likely to obtain approval, that is when I would seek more credit.

Personally, I would seek higher CLs rather than an additional card.

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Re: Need advice

I dont want an additional bank card I want a chase, american express, discover (Visa, Mastercards) etc. My judgement is paid off. I do not owe anything on none of my credit cards I just paid everything to zero balance and I ha e never been late on anything. I found out I had a judgement when I pulled my credit report one day. It was a medical bill same day I paid that off. It states that it is paid on my credit report. Sense I just paid off everything to zero I velieve I have to wait atleast 30 days for everything to report to the 3 credit bureaus. So at this time I dont know what my score is.
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