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Need advice

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Need advice

Hello Everyone



Hope someone can send me in the right direction.  I have two credit cards that i have fallen behind on.  One i think i have a total of 19 lates showing on my report, and the other one i believe has 9.  I am currently $500 behind on one of the cards, and they have been calling, trying to make all types of deals with me.  The last time (2 yrs ago) they had made a deal stating once i start paying my card on time they would take off the late reports and it will show on time.  I never obtained this in writing, and i made a plan with them which i kept up for almost 2 years until i lost my job recently.  The last time they called me they tried to tell me the same thing, it sounded good and i have the money to become current.  I told them i need it in writing and i'll bring the card to current, well since i told them that they have not called and they use to call at least once a day.  What can i do so that some of these lates get taken off? they have also offered for me to settle the account but i think that would make matters worse.


thank you


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Re: Need advice

In my opinion, they are being more than reasonable in their offers.  CR deletion is a big thing.  Something that many spend hours on, through PFD offers and GW letters.


This credtior seems to have initiated a PFD offer.  To play hard-ball with them, and require such an agreement in writing before paying is not something I would personally do.

With numerous prior lates, they may resort to a charge-off or collection referral, increasing your score hemmorage.

Just avoiding that possibility would, in itself, be a plus.  To additionally get CR deletion would be gravy.

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Re: Need advice

The reason i was asking it in writing is because couple years ago they made me the same promise and they never followed through even tough i did.  (i forgot to put that in original post.)

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