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Need advise regarding CO and fraudulent inquiries!!!

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Need advise regarding CO and fraudulent inquiries!!!



Here is my story:


I have a charged off account from a lender. Original debt was sold to different creditor. I paid the the OC in full in October of 2011. Unfortunately back then I didn't know anything about PFD. After I paid, two CO showed up on each CRA report for the same collection. One was from OC and one from the one they sold the debt too. Both showed unpaid CO. I waited a month and nothing changed so I disputed with all three CRA's because they were reporting duplicate and incorrect information. After back and forth EX and TU deleted all tradelines relating to the CO to my surprise. Equifax deleted OC tradeline but kept showing unpaid CO for the sold debt. Finally around January they changed it to paid CO. 


Here is my problem:


I paid the debt in full on 10/2011. Equifax shows a charge CO in 10/2011, 12/2011, 03/2012 and between 11/2011 through August 2012 it shows paid as agreed except for 11/2011 and 03/2012 of course. The problem is I paid it off in October of 2011 and it should not show anything after that. I disputed the fact that the creditor keeps reporting information that is NOT correct multiple times unsuccesfully. 


I even wrote the creditor not the OC a nice GW letter but received no response.


On more thing the OC shows two inquiries (hardpulls) on my credit report on 03/2011 and 04/2011. I never asked for that. Is that legal? I also disputed the inquires with equifax to no result. Thwy only show on EQ btw.


I'm getting frustrated I only want wants right and want them to report accurate information, meaning my CO is 1 year old by now and not 7 months. Also I want them to show that the tradeline is closed and not getting constantly new Paid as agreed or CO on that tradline and of course I want the remove the fraudulent inquiries.


Please any advise how to go about that? I contacted equifax so far only their online disputing service.


Thank you any help is much appreciated.



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Re: Need advise regarding CO and fraudulent inquiries!!!

The inquires were before you paid them off.  Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done about that.  As for the others, there should be one posting by the CO, it should say Paid Collection  with a $0 balance.

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Re: Need advise regarding CO and fraudulent inquiries!!!

Thanks for the reply. I dont know what else to do. I want to get some ideas and suggestions before I call equifax or write them a letter. The most important thing is for the  TL to show closed and paid on October 2011 but for some reason Equifax is giving me the run around. Anybody has encountered similar problems?


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Re: Need advise regarding CO and fraudulent inquiries!!!



I had disputed the unauthorized inquiries with Equifax like a month ago. They came back verified. I pulled my report yesterday an they are gone for some reason Smiley Happy. At least some good news. Im still working on that charge off.

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