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Need guidance/advice

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Need guidance/advice

Ok, so where to begin....

I originally started on this repair journey a couple years ago and have been up and down like a yo-yo with my credit score, from the low 400's up to the mid 600's where I just was.

Curren Credit Scores are in the low/mid 500's as of 9/1/16


Currently I hold a couple CC:

Cap One - Quicksilver One -- CL $1750  -- MAX'D

Cap One - Platinum One -- CL $950 -- MAX'D

Amazon store Card - CL $800 -- MAX'D

Barclay Card -- CL $1000 -- MAX'D

Kohls store card -- $300 -- MAX'D ****showing a 30/60 day late these past two months, due to circumstance beyond my control, working with Kohls right now to try and get the 30/60day lates removed***


Also a Auto Loan with Honda financial at 15% which I want to refiance horribly.


I have 3-4 baddies in total on my credit report -- (a couple medical, and a closed Discover Card w/ a 30/60/90 day late on it, although it is paid)


The things I would like to accomplish in the next year and under....

*Refiance/trade in my car(2015 Honda Accord) for a Honda Odyessy (we have another child on the way)

*Buy a house by August of 2017 for the start of the school year.

*get my credit scores above 700 across the board


So this is where I need your help.

Obviously the first thing is paying down the Credit Cards to get below at the least 30% utlization. 

What else should I be doing, strategies, etc. Thanks in advance



Starting Score: 585
Current Score: 614
Goal Score: 720

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Re: Need guidance/advice

All your cards are maxed! I would put all my efforts on paying all the cards to zero and one at under 10% some with knowledge can advice you with medical collections on how to go on them. Pay down them cards!
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