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Need help building my credit after a divorce in 2018. Current Fico 8 score 645.

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Need help building my credit after a divorce in 2018. Current Fico 8 score 645.

Macys charge card opened in 1997 by me alone. Ex was added in 2011. This card had ontime payments until 2018 when the divorce started. It is currently a charge off with 1100.00 balance on a 1500.00 limit. First late payment was AUG of 2018. It was charged up right before divorce by her.


JcPenny charge card opened in 1997 same deal as above. Balance was 5600.00 of 6500.00. They sued me when i moved out of state. I paid a lawyer to fight it. It was removed from my credit report, all i paid was lawyer fees this was in 2019 sometime.


Wells Fargo Home loan Credit card. 7000.00 limit that was jointly signed for in July of 2016. The card was maxed out using the cash atm option by her for the last 2000.00 or so. This card currently in charge off status. First late payment was FEB of 2018.


Wells Fargo Mortage 125000.00 loan we both joint signed for in JUL 2011. The first late payment was FEB of 2018. We later sold the home for a loss JAN 2019.


Here was my thinking, since i was the breadwinner and she was a cancer survivor that was classified as disabled (that can still cheat). This was all going to fall on me. I figured forclose on home and let the credit cards all burn. I had enough cash to move on and slowly build credit until they fell off my report.


Currently i have 8000.00 in checking.

PNC credit card with a 7500.00 limit opened in DEC 2017. Never late payment, never carry a balance over to next month.

Self credit loan builder opened DEC 2020 for 700.00, payed it at end of terms date DEC 2022. I lost 18 points when it payed off.

Credit one self builder card with a annual fee. Opened NOV 2020. 600.00 limit up from 400.00. Never carry a balance, use payoff.

Ollo card 3000.00 balance opened JAN 2022. Use and pay off before next month.

Affirm payment for a bed 1900.00 opened NOV 2022.


Discover card from my girlfriend as an authorized user. Card was opened by her JAN 2021 8500.00 limit think she pays it off to zero when used.

My thoughts were to dump the Credit one card since i am paying a fee to not really use the card, it is also a weak balance. The keep pushing another card on me with a higher limit of 1500.00, but it also has an annual fee.


I appreciate any info that is given, and a direction i should head.


Thank you







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Re: Need help building my credit after a divorce in 2018. Current Fico 8 score 645.

Welcome @MartyMoose 

Get all the CO's settled so the monthly updating stops with the 8g's in the bank. That will help scores some. You have enough for now to build on. More credit doesnt mean higher scores. Fix whats broken first.

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