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Need help improving credit score for 1st time home buying

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Need help improving credit score for 1st time home buying

I am looking at buying my first home sometime within a year and would like to improve my credit score as much as possible. As of now, my Fico from TU and EX are both around 670 and has stayed the same the last 5 months. I began working on my score around 2 years ago with a score of 500 and 5 charge-offs. I managed to get all 5 charge-offs removed from my report completely with PFDs, but 2 of the OC accounts are still listed with $0 amount and states they've been sold. I have tried many goodwill letters to the remaining 2 OC's with no luck. Both of the OC accounts were added around 2013. These accounts were for Best Buy/Cap1 and a popular department store.
I currently have a Discover secured card that promoted to unsecured with a $2200 limit, a Capital One secured with $700 limit, and a small bank loan around $1000 that I am making monthly payments. All accounts are always paid on time/paid full each month.
I would like any advice or techniques that I can use to improve my score and help my home buying experience.
Any help or guidance is much appreciated!

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Re: Need help improving credit score for 1st time home buying

Sounds like those two charged off accounts are there to stay. The only thing you can is have only one card report a small balance, the amount is up to you, but keep it below 9% 

Also, drop that loan below 9% to if you're really looking to maximize scoring. 


When are you looking at applying for mortgage 

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