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Need help please. Medical bill questions.


Re: Need help please. Medical bill questions.

@kennerchick wrote:
It's the hospital closest to me. I've been in it yes, but like I said I either had insurance or Medicaid the past 7 or 8 years. Last account removed was in 2016. 1st one removed was in 2014. They are old debts. I know things stay on your reports for years before being removed. I'm guessing its zombie debt now. I can't click on the debt because it's removed from my reports.

I would call them and ask if there is something unpaid, if not then you know its phishing. If you find they didnt bill medicaid and its past SOL I would not even worry about it, with medicaid you only have 1 year to bill.

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Re: Need help please. Medical bill questions.

Starting all over again!
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