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Need help with this

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Need help with this

I have been having issues with a company called "federated collection buero". This company is NOT bonded in my state to legally collect and I have a confirmation email from the secretary of state in Texas please see below:


According to the records of this office, there is not a bond on file pursuant to Ch. 392, concerning debt collection for Federated Collection Bureau Inc.


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.




Registration Unit

Office of the Secretary of State


So I sent them a simple letter letting them know they are trying to collect funds "illegally" from me and also have filed a complaint with the Attorney general..BUT they sent me a copy of a signed contract my husband and myself had BUT of course didn't include the letter we wrote that company canceling services...within 10 days because we realized their prices were CRAZY and they were scamming us. It clearly states in the contract that you had 10 days to cancel. So right now they are saying I "dispute" it and totally ignored that they are using illegal collection practices. Not to even mention they have called me at work and also the envelope they sent me with verification had their name all over the postage (I thought it was illegal to do that?? ). They have a BBB but are not accredited and have not responded to any complaints filed on there. This company is only listed on my husband and myself equifax but we are in the house buying process and I am unsure how much trouble these people are going to cause us. How can companies like this stay collecting? We do not owe them?? The original company actually owed us 50% of what we put down as a deposit but we never got that back we just simply wanted to CANCEL.


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