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Need help.

Need help.

What is the "Rebuilding Credit Forum?" . I , too have had problems. I lost my job, my house went into "Initiating Foreclosure" last year. I ended up keeping my house and paying lawyer fees. I had 2 credit cards that were sent to collections last summer (2013), and then I paid them off in full in Sept 2013 (totalling less than $2,000. I got work and lost work again this May. I am currently working. My quesiton is why can't I get a secured credit card, and is it possible to take of the credit cards from my report seeing as they have been paid for a year ? ANd, how long does the "Initiating foreclosure" stay on there?  



thank you


OP, I split your post and moved it to Rebuilding to better help you.  I changed the subject but feel free to edit it.


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Re: Need help.

The rebuild credit section of the forum is the place to get advice on how to fix your credit.


You can write GW letters to the CC companies, but that's probably a long shot.


Do you know what your score is? If you don't, get your real score from here, or if you can't afford it, sign up over at Credit Karma (CK) and Credit Sesame (CS). (Actually, you should just sign up over at those place anyway since they're free.)  CK and CS give you and idea of what your score is, but they're only a really good guess. MyFICO will give you your real score.


If you can't get a secured CC, then you probably have some baddies on your CR that are too recent. There are some secured CCs that don't look or pull your CR, such as Open Sky Visa, that you can get.

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