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Need some help with a collection


Need some help with a collection

Hello all,

Need your help. I have a third party collection from Glass Mountain Capital for $1200. OC was Aspire card, now charged off. Long story short -fraudulent charges were made on the original account. (Have proof) Did not pursue it at the time since I was unconcerned and uneducated about credit.

Glass mountain sent a notice to me last week stating that I have until November 5 to dispute the debt with them.

My question: Is it wise to dispute the charges with them alone? Or does that just give them ammo to try to deny and collect anyway? 

Should involve any other entity in the dispute?

Would it be wise to go back now and try to remove the old charge off? Or would I be poking the bear? It hasnt rwpoeted monthly since 2021.

Any help is appreciated, and please remember that if I were well versed in this area I would not be seeking help. Thanks.

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Re: Need some help with a collection

Unfortunately I think you're beyond the point to dispute the charges, even with your proof. You can definitely try to refute it, but since you didn't do it in a timely manner, I don't think they'll care. Your best bet at this point is probably to try to negotiate a pay for delete (PFD).


ETA: It sounds like the OC no longer owns the debt, so they have no involvement in this at all anymore. Does their CO show a $0 balance? If so, then I'd leave it alone.

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