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Need some information PM'd to you? Here's how to get it.

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Need some information PM'd to you? Here's how to get it.

Today alone I saw a few hundred threads that were literally pages of people saying "could you please PM me that address?"  "me too", "me too", etc.  While I sympathize with needing that kind of info, especially when new, I somehow doubt anyone is systematically going through each thread to PM the twenty-odd people who ask for it.  So here are a few tips for how to get that critical PM you need.


1.  Search the board for the information.  For example, if you want the backdoor number to Chase, search "Chase backdoor" on the board search.  If the information is readily available, or in a sticky, most people won't bother to respond to your request.


2.  Check the stickies.  Each forum category has a list of frequently requested threads and other helpful items at the top of the thread list.  Lots of good information can be found there.


3.  Check Google.  You'd be amazed what you'll find if you search for " ______ CEO Email Address", etc.


4.  Send a private message to the poster that has the information you want.  something along the lines of "I searched Google but couldn't find the email address for the Chase CEO.  Would you please share it with me?"


5.  If you don't see a thread for the information you're looking for, do a board search.  Look for keywords like "Chase GW success".  That should help you identify someone who has what you need.


6.  Be polite and patient.  Some of us are obsessive, but lots of people log in only once in a while.


7.  Ask more than 1 person if necessary.   Remember, a private message is a lot more effective than a post.


Good luck!

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