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Need some profession insight -+75 points in two weeks

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Need some profession insight -+75 points in two weeks

Just gonna lay it out the way it happened...


4/4-scorealert from 604 to 665- change: Past due on Citi CO account went to $0, balance $3990 cl $4150, "consumer disputes this account info"

4/5-score alert from 665 to 602- change: Citi account "consumer disputes-reinvestigation in progess"

4/10 score alert from 602 to 700- change: 4 90 lates removed from SL from 1 1/2 years ago

4/17 score alert from 700 to 695- change: citi CO balance updated to $0

4/18 score alert from 695 to 623- change: citi dispute comment removed states "account settled for less than full balance, original charge of in high limit"


So I am just lost!!  before all this happened I was at a 604 with 99% util and 4 90 day lates and after the dust settles I only get 19 points for the lates removed and a CO reporting a ZERO balance????  I just seems heartbreaking!  I thought I would get more points for the double ding on util going away. 


Any insight???  19 points seems sad for all that work!

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Re: Need some profession insight -+75 points in two weeks

You cannot trust a FICO score with outstanding disputes in progress, the updating of the account to current date and removal of the dispute comments put it back into being able to be scored, its being picked up as a brand new CO... This is the drawback to settling anything prior to the CRTP or not being able to obtain an outright deletion. So what most likely happened is the score increase from the deletion of the 4 90 day lates was offset almost completely by the CO updating to current date.

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Re: Need some profession insight -+75 points in two weeks

The CO has been updating every month since it was COd in Dec 2013.  So its only been a CO for 5 months and was settled in March.   Thats whats so wierd. 

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Re: Need some profession insight -+75 points in two weeks

When an OC's account is put in dispute, certain aspects of it are excluded for scoring.  Once the dispute is through and removed from your CR, your true score will be reflected.  This is why mortgage lenders often state disputes must be removed before approval.

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