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Needing CACH contact info for GW delete

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Needing CACH contact info for GW delete

Hello- I've mailed letters to CACH requested that a paid collections be removed from my credit reports, but no response at all- nothing!  I'm wondering if anyone has an e-mail, address, or tips on how I can go about getting these off my report?  I have two from CACH and both were paid, but I was dumb not to get a PFD (that was before I discovered this place). 


Please help!

7/12 starting score 498
2/13 score 603 = Fingerhut $800
5/13 score 627 = Walmart $600
9/13 Ex 630, Eq 608, Trans 650, Fingerhut $1100, Walmart $600, Merrick Bank $700, Cap One Sec $225
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