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Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

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Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

Hi all,


I've searched, but come up empty handed.


After filing a dispute with Experian about 1 negative item, which Experian then removed, will that removal automatically get reported to and removed from TransUnion and Equifax?


Common sense says that I should just pull my credit reports on TU and Eq, but 1) the negative was just removed from Experian within the last 24 hours, and if it does get removed from the other 2 agencies, perhaps it's not immediate for all I know, and 2) why spend $$ on credit reports when I can tap into a great resource like MyFico? I'll most definitely pull my reports in time, but I'd rather hear from the experience and knowledge of others at first.


I'm aware of the free annual credit report site, but I've already used that recently.


Thanks for any info anyone can share. I'm pretty excited about this removal, and also pretty anxious to hear about experiences from others who have had them removed as well. I know this place has plenty of folks who are (or were) in the same boat as me. I'm really looking forward to the jump in score.



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Re: Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

No, the CRAs don't talk to one another.  You will have to dispute with the others also.

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Re: Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

Awesome, that's exactly what I needed to know. Not what I was hoping for, but gets me on the path that I need to be on ASAP.


Thanks guiness56, I appreciate your time!

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Re: Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

With out pulling yor CR from TU and EQ you wont know for sure if it is reported to all 3. Some things do, some dont.


If you dont want to pull it to find out , theres a section here with all 3 of the CRB's Address's. You could send them a letter and state IF this account numberXXX for Creditor  XXX is included in my credit report file I am Disputing it for XXX reasons.


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Re: Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

No, you should not have to file mutliple disputes IF the furnisher of the information follows through on their obligations under the FCRA.

The FCRA covers the outcome of a dispute with one CRA as to reporting the outcome to the other CRAs.


When a dispute is filed with one CRA, it is referred to the furnisher of the disputed information.

If the furnisher then deletes based on their investigation of the dispute, it is not sufficient for them to report the outcome to only the CRA handling the dispute.

They are required, under FCRA 623(b)(1)(D), to "report those results to all other consumer reporting agencies to which the person furnished the information..."


It is correct that the FCRA does not require the CRA to contact the other CRAs.  That responsibility resides with the party who reported the information.

If deletion does not show with the other CRAs, contact the furnisher, and remind them of their obligation to report to the other CRAs.






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Re: Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

(This is the original poster of the thread. I forgot my password, and the site requires your social security number to recover it. I won't even get into how insane that is...).


Thanks for your latest replies, everyone. I've just read section 623(b)(1)(D) of the FCRA myself, and I'm happy to hear that within time the negative item should be removed from the remaining 2 bureaus. I'll be sure to check my credit report at those agencies after about a month or so and see if the item remains or not.


Big thanks to RobertEG as well! Your knowledge on the subject is amazing.

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Re: Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

I agree, except, if it isn't reporting inaccurately on the other CRAs there would be no reason to delete.


It happens all the time where it gets deleted from one CRA but not the others.


If it isn't your account, that is something else.

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Re: Negative removal reports to all 3 bureaus?

I agree with Guiness.  It is an inference, not a fact, that deletion occured because of lack of verification.


The key is their reason for deletion.  They could argue that the reporting was accurate, but they simply decided to make the dispute go away by deleting the reporting related only to the CRA handling the one dispute.

However, I would at least pursue the argument with them that deletion is an inference of lack of ability to verify, thus requiring equivalant update of their "decision" with all CRAs.  Not bullet-proof, but also not a spurious interpretation.


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