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Nervous/Excited for this journey…

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Nervous/Excited for this journey…

Bad credit started in 2016 when I had a 1099 job and it was full commission... and just haven't been able to maintain any type of progress. Now, I am determined. I have a little extra cash and I am trying to help my score. 

Currently: EQ- 530 TU 551 and EXP - 565


Util: 86%, however just yesterday I paid all of that off aside from $50. It was about $1850 worth on 5 cards. 

Open: Citi secured ($300), Credit One ($500 just increased from 700), Cap One Venture One ($500), Indigo ($300), Milestone ($700). 

Cap1 Auto 20k, Chrysler Cap $13k. 

Collections: PRA $600 $ $2100, LVNV $950, Credence $999, Midland $1609 & CBJ $150. Planning on settling with PRA & CBJ for deletion so far. 


some recent late payments due to switching jobs (3ish on a car note) that brought my profess from 595 to 520s. Maybe a goodwill letter will help?

Once the utilization is reported to under 5%, how much will it increase do you think? Also, once I get the PRA collections off my report, what do we think will increase?


my goal: 675+ by end of the year.


appreciate this forum & support!


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Re: Nervous/Excited for this journey…

The drop of util %'s will help. How recent are the lates? Getting the CA's to PFD doesnt move too much until the last CA is paid/settled. Its not like each CA is worth so many points. You'll see some gains. To pinpoint where you'll land is a toss up.

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