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Never received a single piece of paper from CA

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Never received a single piece of paper from CA

a little over a year ago, my wife and I split up, but luckily it only last a few months and I came back home. However, during that time, I did get an apartment and some utilities, then when I came back home I had to break my lease, etc to come back.


So now i have a few collections on my account, the collection for the apartment lease and 2 collections for an ATT and TXU bill.


I have tried disputing them all on the CB websites about 6 months ago, and they didnt come off. I think I chose the option no knowledge of this debt or something.


Anyway, I was just thinking, when I moved into that apartment and when I moved back home, I never did a change of address, everything still went to my house where my wife was living when I was in the apartment (except for the utilities to the apartment), then when I came back home, I never did anything.


So here I am a little over a year later and I never received any paperwork from these CA and I assume why, is because they probably sent them to the apartment address since they know nothing of my home address.


is there some kind of loophole or something I can do to have them removed considering I never received any paperwork?

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Re: Never received a single piece of paper from CA

Actually no.  All they have to do is say they made a reasonable effort to contact you, hence sending the bill to the address of the service.  I would try a PFD.

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