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New Collection Account - Not Valid - Help!

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New Collection Account - Not Valid - Help!

A few years ago (2008), we moved out of an apartment and into a different apartment. At the time of the move, we called the gas company and discontinued service at the old apartment and connected service at the new apartment. All was fine until we received a gas bill from the old apartment that was for service extending about 3 months after we moved out. Thinking this would be an easy fix, I called the gas company and explained the mistake. They vehemently stated that this was our fault and the charged could not be removed. I fought with them provided a copy of our expired lease, etc and eventually, simply refused to pay the bill.


This gas account has never been reported to our credit reports.


A few days ago, we received a letter from a CA trying to collect this debt.


At this stage, what should I do? Try to call the gas company and argue again (maybe now that time has passed, they'll be more resonable) or should I do something directly with the CA? I have very little experience with CAs and need advice!

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