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New Kohls card after settlement

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New Kohls card after settlement

I recently settled with kohls on a charge off from 2016. They told me to wait a little bit after it was satisfied to try and apply again. About 3 weeks after it was all settled, I decided to give it a try and was approved. 


Does anyone know if the new card will supercede the old account that lists charge off? Or will I have 2 separate tradelines from kohls once the new one hits my credit report? I'm hoping the new card will kind of overwrite the old one, much like what happened when I got approved for credit one after settlement. But that may have just been a kind gesture from credit one so I'm not holding my breath. 


Thankfully I'm in a better place financially and have learned a lot from past mistakes. The only things holding me down now are the kohls tradeline with charge off and the negative tradelines from my original student loan servicer before I rehabbed them. 


Any insight is much appreciated 

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Re: New Kohls card after settlement

It will be a new account.

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Re: New Kohls card after settlement

Congrats. Never heard of such a thing.

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Re: New Kohls card after settlement

You will have the CO account and the new account on your CRs. The one from 2016 will drop off 7-7.5 yrs from the that accounts DoFD. Cap-1 issues these cards and their policy is no new cards till one year post CO of an older card, with yours being back in 16 you were just fine to app. Grats on getting the new account!!

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Re: New Kohls card after settlement

I have 3 Capital One CC charge offs on my account totalling over $9,000. They are from 2018. Now it's 2021 and they just gave me a $500 card a month ago. They all show up on my credit report. Go figure.

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