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New Years Rebuilding Resolution

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New Years Rebuilding Resolution

My goal for 2013:


No Apps.......This is gonna be the hard one to keep Smiley Very Happy


Pay off all but 7% UTIL on my CCs




Try and get Fair Collections and Outsourcing GONE!'s 5 years old and they have been a pain!


What are your Resolutions ? Smiley Happy





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Re: New Years Rebuilding Resolution

Good plan! I've got one paid collection I'm working on getting removed from TU. Plan on my Fulton card graduating in Feb and will probably wait a good six months before trying to app for anything else since my current AAOA is only 10 months not including my new Capital One card I was approved for a couple weeks ago. I apped for Citi Forward but have not heard anything back yet but will probably be declined knowing what I know now.

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Re: New Years Rebuilding Resolution

Pay off my CC An try to have one item removed from my CR. I'm just trying to keep it simple an realistic. 

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Re: New Years Rebuilding Resolution

I think everyone is on the right track for success.  I hope and pray this time I can stay vigilant and continue to pay off debt, SAVE, and not apply for any credit cards no matter how tempting it maybe.  I think that sometimes applying itself is an addiction and not the actual approval of the tem.  At my current age, I have to be completely mature about my credit.  I am no stranger to this forum, but must continue to review post, head advice, and stay on path this time.  I will be graduating from college in a year and half and need to have a great score by then.   Wish everyone luck on their 2013 quest!

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Re: New Years Rebuilding Resolution

No Apps this year or at least til late summer. Paying my student loans down so my income to debt ratio can look better. Pay down my credit cards as well as only use 30% or less of my limit. Follow my budget and continue to apply saved money from my budget to pay off addtional debt.. Would Credit score to be over 630 by end of year.

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