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New…and just wanted to share my credit journey


Re: New…and just wanted to share my credit journey

@SoCalGardener thank you so much!!!

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Re: New…and just wanted to share my credit journey

@Irv02 @thank you!!!

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Re: New…and just wanted to share my credit journey

@jazmynju wrote:

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and have just been reading everyone's credit hours during. Today I just wanted to share my credit journey. A few years back in 2015, I dated someone that I would do anything for. I literally spent over $1000+ each month on both of my Bank of America credit cards on him just to please them. Whether it was hotels or dining or food or gifts or what not. Yes it was the stupidest thing now that I look back but it was done unfortunatelySmiley Sad I maxed out my credit limits on both cards. And then I just started paying only the minimum amount due each month. The interest charges were out of this world....Now that I look back at it, I would have changed everything if I could. My Bank of America Travel Rewards card limit was $22,000. It got cut in half to $11,100 due to minimum payments and sometimes I paid late-not 30 days past but late by a week or so. My BofA Cash Rewards card was at $7,800 and I maxed that out as well. It's been like that for the last few years as I focused on my mortgage and everything else and was just in depression from my breakup. At the beginning of this year, I said to myself that this was it. I would buckle down and get rid of this debt. Starting in March of this year, I worked overtime at the hospital, actually an abundance of overtime because we had a death in our family at work due to Covid and we were very short staffed. I worked at least 100+ hours each two weeks. Anyhow, I have been extremely dedicated since then and have been chipping away at my debt. Paying both cards at a time and all of my overtime went to both cards. I am OK with my mortgage and everything else and nothing has been ignored financially. I've cut out eating out, and everything else and just dedicated myself to paying down these two cards. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that my Rewards card that was maxed out at $7,800 since the beginning of this year is now down to a $0 balance!!! I made my last payment of $1,300 last week!!! The only balance left is on my Travels reward card and is at

$2,700 out if $11,100!! I plan on paying that off in the next couple months. I just wanted to say if you ever feel like you can't handle all the debt, stay calm positive, try to make a plan and be focused - and if possible, put your money towards your debt without compromising all of your other finances of course. I'm severely  proud of myself. I've come a LONG way and the determination has gotten me this far. I never thought I would see these cards at a zero balance and one is already there and now I'm just waiting for the other!!! The reason why I decided to post for the first time and share my story is I've read so many stories on people that are drowning in debt and discouraged. It breaks my heart to read that because I was once there-in fact, this year. I hope sharing my story will help others if possible. I know every situation is different but I hope at least I can help one person ♥️

Great job making it back from near disaster. One of the most important things I learned about relationships is if money is any factor it is no good. Meaning if your partner is only happy when tons of stuff is bought etc. it will end badly every time. I was just getting by when I met my now wife of 22 years and if she was after the money back then she certainly made a bad pick, lol. Now as it turned out, even with a major setback in 2009, we are very comfortable now. Don't worry, the right person is out there and they won't require money thrown at them.

And welcome to the forums. A lot of people here that do stuff we normal folks would never do, but the info they have is fantastic.

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