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New collection account reporting!

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New collection account reporting!


Hello and welcome. I split your post off to start a new thread. All I changed is the title. If you want the title to be something else click on "Options" and select "Edit Message" from the drop-down menu. 

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Hi! I receive quarterly credit reports from CreditInform Premier and I have been watching my credit reports and scores closely for the last year or so. CreditInform reports the Experian credit report and I was happy to see my score go to 702 in March/April of this year. However I just noticed on my quarterly report that my score had dropped from 689 (got my 1st ever auto loan in April) to 612 in June. One reason.. new collection account!! So i did some research and the collector is EOS CCA... and the debt is CenturyLink?? Never heard of them and pretty sure I have never used them. The amount is for $90 first reported in March of 2012. So my question is.. How would I go about inquiring about the debt? I never received any creditor notice. Do I just call the toll free number I see so many people post in the forums and give them the account # listed in the report? DO I write a letter asking to verify the debt? I dont even have a address or email address for EOS CCA or CenturyLink. I have never disputed a collection on a report before and I dont want to do something in the beginning that would have me acknowledge the debt as my own if indeed it is not. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: New collection account reporting!

Ok. I found a number for EOS CCA and I called and they tell me that CenturyLink used to be qwest. Qwest fell off my report earlier this year I guess because of the time frame. I closed my account and still had a $31 balance back in 2004.$31 is all that was reported on my CR's last year but this EOS CCA is saying my balance is $90. I have no way to prove that my account was $31 except my old CR's. I was living in ND during that time and have moved to another state and moved twice since then. So I am sending a VD letter but where should I go from here? with the time frame and The balances being so different? I have never tried to have something removed off my CR before. This is making me sick. I was very excited to see the account removed from the report and now its back and its 3 times worse?? HELP!
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Re: New collection account reporting!

A DV request, presuming it is timely, imposes a cease collection bar on the debt collector until such time as they provide the requested debt verification, but it does not impose any period on them for providing the verification.  So, in and of itself, the DV puts the matter into a state of limbo.


To require an investigation of any asserted inaccuracy in their reporting, be it the debt itself, the amount, etc., and compel a response within a set period, you must file a dispute under the FCRA.  Unlike a DV request, which does not require identification of a specific inaccuracy, a dispute requires that you identify a specific inaccuracy in their reporting, and provide any supporting documentation necessary to investigate your dispute.


You can, under the direct dispute process (FCRA 623(a)(8)), send a dispute directly to the debt collector, requiring them to provide verification of the accuracy of the reported information within 30 days of the filing of your dispute.  The direct dispute rules state that you may send it to their normal business address or to the address they have reported to the CRA.

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Re: New collection account reporting!

I am very new to all this .. Is the SOL start from the date 1st reported by the OC? I'm thinking this maybe 7 yrs or longer. That's why I was happy to see them drop off. But now it's showing up on experian and trans union for sure. Haven't checked equifax.
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