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New here - Currently in re-build process

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New here - Currently in re-build process

Hello everyone!


I am new here and currently in the process of re-building my credit. I am 26, about 2-years ago I lost my job and unfortunatley had to use what money I did have to pay for my rent and things to live and other items like car apyments, and credit card payments fell behind. 


I am currently working with Lexington Law who has been pretty great in helping with the removals, They have removed 11 and have 4 accounts remaing so I'm getting excited to be stress-free again. The credit situation has been pretty hard on me. 


Really looking to talking with everyone and hopefully learning a few things along the way. 


With that being said, I have a few questions. 


I use Credit Karma primarly for monotoring TU and Equifax. Are those scored pretty accurate? I have heard CK may not be so accurate on your scores in hopes that you apply for the advertised cards, and items on there site.


Seccondly, am I doing the right thing with Lexington law? Or are there other, quicker sources out there? I personally don't know enough to do this myself, not to mention I don't have the time.


Thanks everyone!

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Re: New here - Currently in re-build process

CK scores are accurate for Vantage 3 scores, but very few lenders use that score. The majority of lenders use a Fico version.
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Re: New here - Currently in re-build process

CK scores have little to do with the FICO scores most lenders use. I first was at CK but then when I finally pulled my scores here at MyFICO I was pleasantly surprised to see that my actual scores were about 50 points higher across the board. I have seen others post that their FICO scores are lower than the FAKOs. A few use the CK to just monitor overall trends but even then you really don't know what is happening so, at some point, you are going to want to look at your actual FICO scores to see where you stand. This is especially true if you have a big purchase (like a mortgage) that you are working toward. Also, keep in mind that there are special mortgage FICO scores that are worth checking out too. I get all of those on my monthly report just so I can see how wll I am progressing toward my goal of buying a house in the next year. For you, it may not be so important right now depenidng on what your specific goals are.

Just wandered out of the garden April 16, 2018 to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Intend to take care of this quickly and be back in the dirt before long.
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