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New info Added to CR

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Re: New info Added to CR

Thanks guys for clearing this up. Knowledge is really power. I had no idea what the difference was, Now I know. The funny thing about the CC judgement, I was never served. I just woke up one day and my account was frozen. I had to find a way to pay them to release my account. They never told me anything except how to get their money. I thought there was nothing else for me to do but to pay and get out of that situation. Now I found this board and know how to seek information first, I knew i should have gone to court. I didn't even get a court date. Last week, I checked at the court and got a copy of the files, it is not even listed as satisifed by the court. They told me I need to contact the attorneys so that they can send proof that it was paid. I'm calling everyday but no answer. Should I file a motion now to get this vacated? This was done in April 07.
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Re: New info Added to CR

Not sure how it works with the sol, but from what I read they can be vacated and removed from cra if they never served you/notified you.  You might look into this.

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Re: New info Added to CR

I think a big deciding factor in how you can get this taken care of is the state you were sued in.

Some states (and I think a poster already mentioned this) limit further actions (like file a motion to vacate) to 180 days. Some allow action up to 4 years (rare, though).

Sooo ... what state are you in?


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Re: New info Added to CR

Hey, I'm not sure what state your in but I just had to go through the courts here in IL to get a judgement removed. I needed a statisfaction release of judgement form signed by the creditor stating that I paid the fees. I found the form for my state on google. 
Once I had the signed form I went to the courthouse and filed a motion to release the judgement. My court date was set 2 weeks from the day I filed the motion. Went to court showed the judge my signed release form and she signed all copies (after a brief explaination of my situation) that I made (about 5 total) and sent me on my way. I then disputed the judgements with the CRA's and they were deleted.
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