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New to Forum. Ready to rebuild credit and move on with life!


Re: New to Forum. Ready to rebuild credit and move on with life!

Yes I did. Sorry be being MIA here sir! They said I can salvage the relationship just pay it off and my checking will be back up and running. However I have sad news. And now I’m paranoid!!! My scores went up to 602 TeansUnion and 620 EQ... Well I look todinght and my EQ is 496 and TU is 544. There are 12 new hard inquiries on my report from the last 4 days. I did not make these hard inquiries! Can I dispute them? I made two hard inquiries after my score jumped and that was for a Discover and Self Lender account. That was it. What do I do? And from 4 months ago there are car loan applications that I never did. I love my car and plan on having it forever!!!
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Re: New to Forum. Ready to rebuild credit and move on with life!

I'd be more concerned about identity theft unless you might be confused on a hard pull inquiry. 

The auto ones from 4 months ago, did you inquire about purchasing a car, fill out an application and decided not to purchase at the time? If so, they are legitimate inquiries (especially with auto loans as dealerships tend to run them through every creditor to be approvals). If so, no you can not dispute. 


The new inquiries should be your Discover, Cap 1 X3 across the bureaus, any others that you applied and was denied in last 12 months? 


These will be unscoreable in a year from the newest one from a Fico 8 perspective. 


However if you never went to a dealership, and have inquiries on your reports from companies you have not applied NOR have a business relationship (any collection and yes open accounts), then you need to freeze your reports, and read the sticky about if you have been a victim of identity fraud. 


One important side note, there are hard inquiries and "soft" inquiries, which are promos that do not affect your score and done by various companies to send you offers, these will be seen on a report obtained from the credit bureau themselves and in a different area from the hard pulls, labeled something like promo. I just don't want you to confuse the two and let it be harder on your rebuild if they were legitimate, yet be aware if they are not and someone has obtained your social security number and applied for store cards/bank cards in your name. Watch for address changes where you have never lived on your reports. 

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Re: New to Forum. Ready to rebuild credit and move on with life!

I never went to a dealership I moved out but still had my address as my old address winter/spring of 2018. My mom called me and said I got letters back in May taking about my denial for auto loans and I thought they were just telling me to refinance or get a loan. Well I got an email the other day from cap one telling me my report had changed. I did notice my address changed from my parents old house to their new house in August but i called and had it changed to my current address that i moved to in July they asked for license verification or whatever. Well I looked when Capone emailed and sure enough the hard inquiries are there for financing different types of things. The reason I know for a fact it wasn’t me was because they applied for a Trek card. I have a brand allegiance with Giant Bicycles and would never pay for a trek unless it was a slash. But that gave it away. I did the fraud alert via Experian and disputed them through Equifax. How do I dispute them through TU and Experian? Así should I do a credit freeze? Will that effect reporting from my current accounts?
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