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Newbie and need some help.....

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Newbie and need some help.....

Hello All, I am new to this site and don't really know where to post my questions. I hope this is okay. I have some questions about a credit heling site called lexington law. I have been using them for about 6 months and so far all the little stuff is gone but the main one is still there. Do I keep paying them and hope it will one day be gone? Do you guys have any suggestions for me to get this last and only one negative listing gone. Thanks and happy to be here and learn.

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Re: Newbie and need some help.....

Welcome! I'm not fond of credit repair companies like LL because of their repair tactics. Plus you are throwing money at a service you can do for yourself for free. My 2 cents on that.


What is the remaining baddie?



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Re: Newbie and need some help.....

+1 You can do more than they can. Post what's left.
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Re: Newbie and need some help.....

+1000000  These guys can give you tons of credit knowledge. I can't believe it's free!

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