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Newbie in need of help

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Newbie in need of help

I want to improve my credit, and I'm not sure what to do. I have 7 CCs (I know way to many) 3 of which are under GEMB, 1Macys Visa, and the revolving; City Furniture,and 1 Citi/Sears, 2 unpaid collections (1 of which is only $227.00 ((not sure from who CR does not say, and the other is from an old apt that I had to break lease on $2,099.00. No car loans; I hope to buy a home in the next 1.5-2 years."


Waiting patiently for all advice.

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Re: Newbie in need of help

I'm certainly no expert, but have had some success with my process. First, READ,READ, and when your eyes start burning, READ some more on this site.  It helps get a plan in order.

I started with my most damaging TLs.  My collections.  I chose to GW the CA first. For me, it was a success.

Since yours are unpaid, I would try PFDs.  baby steps...while you're waiting on that, keep reading.  Everyone's experiences offer much info. 


Work on paying down your CCs as much as possible (down to <10%) also.





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Re: Newbie in need of help

Thank you I appreciate it I have a sample PFD here that I am working on for the Collection accounts.


 Again thank you!

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