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Newbie needs advice

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Newbie needs advice

I have read a lot of good information on this forum and could use some help please. First a little background info: In 2005 I lost my job due to stress ending in a stay in a hospital with no insurance.  I had to take a part-time minimum wage (stress free) job so as to recover my health. I had 2 cars voluntarily repoed and l defaulted on 3 CCs.


The entries for all accounts (paid) have aged off, but the judgment for my Capital One cc ($1460 marked “satisfied” at $700) will age off in 2014. The entry for this shows  paid on 4/23/2010, but I have a letter from Cap. 1 and a Release of Garnishment that both say the date is 4/01/10. Is this date different enough to get a delete from TU? It is also on EQ & EX but with the correct date. I contacted their attorney to try to get a motion to vacate but was told the case was closed and I would have to contact Cap 1 (I didn’t think to offer to pay the filing fee). The only contact info I have for them is it’s located in Georgia and my old account #. I have an open CC with them, should I contact someone in this location not letting them know I have a current account. If not, does anyone know what dept or who I should I contact for a Motion to vacate.


 I have an unpaid judgment for Ford Motor Finance/Primus Financial ($5100 with $3000 paid in garnishments and still owing $4950 including interest and fees) that will age off in 9/2013.  I qualified in September for Social Security and had to start limiting my earned income to an amount they can only garnish for about $5 per week. I know they can’t garnish my SS or the first $500 of a savings account. Should I contact them with this info, and if so who Ford or attorney? I can offer them a max payment of $800 out of my SS for a “satisfied”  judgment. Considering how much I have already paid might they accept this offer or should I just let it age off. I would rather pay as I desperately need a car now and would like to get my first house in 2013.


In rebuilding I have 1 secured CC & 2 unsecured CCs all with high UTIs but plan to pay down to 9% over the next 3 months.


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Re: Newbie needs advice

Sorry I should have said Motion to Vacate instead of MOV.

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Re: Newbie needs advice

You could contact them and ask.  Worst they can do is say no.  Sorry to hear about your misfortune.  Hope all is better.  Good luck!

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Re: Newbie needs advice

Thanks. The last couple of years has been better.

I sent a dispute to TU yesterday with documentation of the date garnishment was satisfied hope this will be enough to have it deleted.


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