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Next step to take? advice and help needed,new

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Re: Next step to take? advice and help needed,new

Great Smiley Happy


Thanks for all of your help without it I wouldnt of noticed  it. I'll make sure to contact them today and get that in order I dont need to be taking hits like that while trying to rebuild my credit! Off to get those GW letters started and information for them gathered, wish me Fingers crossed.


Thanks again for all of your help, I was lost and now with your help I feel like I have a clear path to continue on from Smiley Happy


Thanks Again.

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Re: Next step to take? advice and help needed,new

you're very welcome Smiley Happy


this forum is a wealth of information...I beleive I only know 2-3% of what there is to know about rebuilding credit, but I have no problem sharing what I do know Smiley Happy  GW letters are your friend.  Don't be discouraged if you don't get an instant approval....just keep sending to different people. 


keep us posted of your success!!!!!!

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341 meeting 1/9/15
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Goal: 700 by 3/2017
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Re: Next step to take? advice and help needed,new





Okay its been a good few months ,


on May 31st we put an offer in on our first house in 18yrs, we were preapproved through USDA, house was a short sale


on July 31 st banks-- two lenders ( lein holders)-- both accpeted our offer


August 14 th--started Mortgage Lenders underwriting


Sept 28th CLOSED on our house at 3.25 percent with Fico of 760!


We only had the one trade line of Capital one secured- never late less than 2 percent ulti rate for past 6 months.


Got into house and figured now was a good time to try to get two unsecured good trade lines going (keeping in mind not using them --keeping the less than 7 percent ulti in mind) 


Applied for two and got two


Chase Thankyou card for 1700

Citi card--4500


Not alot but lightyears away from where I started and it is thanks to everyone on this forum for all the helpful advice. Now I am just gonna sit and things for a year make the on time payment then have a look at getting that fico even higher Smiley Happy


Thanks to Everyone you all have made a big difference in how I view credit and taught me alot Smiley Happy





















 Got a good bit of news scores raising


(03/01/2012) EQ Fico 572/ today 665

                         EX Fico631/ doesnt update with Psecu till 4/15

                         TU Fico 644/654



 From EQ I finally got that  Transouth CO/Paid gone it fell from my report finally and got the paid 48 gas bill gone too as well as one medical bill still one to go! Its the only neg thing on my EQ report.


EX and TU still reporting the two medical, at least they are paid in full so off to continue the good will letters, fingers crossed.


The rest is just waiting for inquries to fall off before attempting anything else. Fingers Crossed Smiley Happy






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