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Nice credit surprise


Nice credit surprise

So I’ve been rebuilding and it’s a roller coaster I see. I was at 612 ex when my installment loan closed and that dropped 13pts. Since then I went up a point , down 3 and up 4.

Yesterday I find out credit one closed my account for 2 failed payments. They make you use a bank account to pay and I have at least 3 for reasons and each time I went to make on time payment it failed because I chose the wrong account. I went back and always made payment though, but now that’s closed.

I opened a self lender account which went seems to have posted to my reports yesterday no pay is due yet.

I paid my discover card as usual and left a 9$ balance. This morning woke up to an email saying check Experian when I go I now see my score is 621 up from 601. I would expect with my 4 month old account closure in credit one and the newly opened self lender I would dip a few points.

My overall usage is at 9% Experian app says so I’m sure that’s where the bump came from. It seems that the worst of times could be over as I’m waiting for a PRA trade to drop this month and I plan on paying another collection account this month also.


Re: Nice credit surprise

Bump could be from the "New credit" part of Fico calcs. Enjoy it

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