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Nicor Gas customers, good news!

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Nicor Gas customers, good news!

Just wanted to post this because during my searches on how to remove baddies, I noticed there were a few posts about Nicor Gas (gas company in northern IL). It seemed people had issues with GW and/or getting baddies removed by them. Well, I tried an email GW last week and by the end of the day I received this:

Good Afternoon (me),

Thank you for contacting Nicor Gas regarding our credit reporting policy. Nicor no longer reports to the credit bureau. We are working with Trans Union to remove Nicor from your credit report. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1 888-642-6748, at, or simply reply to this email.

Customer Care Services
Nicor Gas
From: (me)
Sent: Monday, April 9, 2012 12:23 PM
To: Customer Care
Subject: E-mail response from web site

message: To Whom It May Concern:

My name is (me) and I was a Nicor
customer from the spring of 2010 to the
summer of 2011 (address).  During this
time, I signed up for the my check free
service to pay my Nicor bill.  I was
very busy with work, and was hardly
ever around to keep track of all bills,
so online payment was the best solution
for me.  I thought I had signed up for
autopay, but after a few months had
realize that no autopayments were being
made.  I quickly addressed this and
paid the Nicor account in full.

Just recently, I've been looking at
becoming a homeowner.  I noticed on my
credit report that I have several late
payments from the misunderstanding on
my behalf that I had signed up for
autopay.  I'm asking that you make
a "goodwill adjustment" to the
information being report the credit
reporting agencies.

During this time when searching for a
home, I know that this will greatly
improve my chances of buying a home,
which will lead to me becoming a Nicor
customer again.  In fact, I've already
decided to purchase a gas dryer because
I've been told it's much cheaper than

I hope that you will understand this
honest misunderstanding on my behalf
and seriously consider my request.  I
would appreciate it dearly.  I will
eagerly wait your reply.


It has yet to be removed, but I fully expect it to be gone when my credit is ran next month for my mortgage.
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