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Nine (9!!) Collections in ONE Month - Help??

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Nine (9!!) Collections in ONE Month - Help??

In ONE month 9 collections appeared on my TU report - only 3 are showing on the other two, but most people use TU it seems, so I can't ignore them. Not all are valid debts... 2 are from apartment complexes that messed up their accounting when I switched apartments in each, and the managers, despite many emails and phone calls, have not pushed the CAs to remove these.


The weird thing is they all appeared on my report in November 2018, and I had a freeze placed in July due to domestic violence, so this seems a little malicious; how did they all suddenly get sent to CAs and reported?


That aside, I feel overwhelmed and lost by where to start. The apartment collections I feel like I should deal with directly, and there's a T-Mobile collection that I thought was settled a year ago as identity theft (part of the Domestic Violence, though it's actually part of a seperate police incident - I have copies of all the crap from the account that I apparently opened...with his signature!) Most of the rest are medical, except for a credit card that I thought was charged off, but now appearing in collections.


I know the typical process would be a debt validation letter,  but that's not really going to work for most of these. Anyone have advice on how to approach this mess? It's preventing me from renting an apartment, and my only other debt is a LOT of student loans. No open credit cards, no car loans, etc. Had a bankruptcy in 2015 and now I'm stuck with this crap.


Thanks for any ideas Smiley Happy




Re: Nine (9!!) Collections in ONE Month - Help??

Hey, sorry this happened to you, sucks.


As far as your credit freeze is concerned, this only stops your reports being pulled for new lending. Any reporting for accounts that are yours or are legally liable for can and will still be reported.


If you feel debt validation would serve you no purpose, the only thing you can really do is dispute information you think is innacurate, and then reach out to the collection agencies and hope they accept a pay for delete.

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Re: Nine (9!!) Collections in ONE Month - Help??

Ummm.  HELL NO.  Hire an Attorney if you have to.  Get that apartment collections taken care of, stat.  

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Re: Nine (9!!) Collections in ONE Month - Help??

Sorry you gotta deal with this.
Do you mind listing or giving us the names of collection agencies on your report and how they are reporting them. That way people here can you help you on the best way to tackle them so you just don't dispute them blindly.
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Re: Nine (9!!) Collections in ONE Month - Help??

Thanks for fast advice.

I already had one CA violate Hipaa by telling me my procedures and diagnoses over the phone (!!) How do I handle THAT?

The other medical CA was dancing around Hipaa and said they only had a list of dates of service with my name on it. I'll request that original bill in writing, so I have a plan.

The apartments I have a plan for each, one I already have documentation that proves they can't match the amount to my name, and the other I just emailed, again, and if it's not removed I'll just escalate it in the property management with legal threats.

Another is already part of an ID theft case, so that's easy to send in. 

The one I really don't know what to do with is a cap one card that WAS charged off and NOW in collections for over $3k. Looks like it's been sold and resold and again. What do I do with that??



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