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No equifax report number, dispute woes

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No equifax report number, dispute woes

I have a fico of a 626.  equifax is reporting I have a Credit One bank card which has no history of it's a $250 line of credit. I closed it the day it opened because it was useless to me. equifax says I have cards with too low line of credit, i assume this Ian what it references.  I bought equifax report online, and when I to file an online dispute, it failed saying it could "not honor my request with th. Information I provided." Which was identical to the information on my report.  I called equifax and they told me I may need to mail my report and dispute. They asked for the report number which is not present anywhere on my report. the agent had me on hold a few reser and in the end resent my report to my email.  This new report, contained no report number.


essentailly, I don't know what to do, how I can dispute it.

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Re: No equifax report number, dispute woes

Don't dispute it.  It's just sitting there adding to your AAoA.  It's not a negative account.  That advice you received about the low limits is a FAKO thing.  If you were to remove that account, if it has any age on it adding to your AAoA, you would actually see a drop in score.


FICO scores a $100 CL the same as a $10K CL.  It's the util that would matter and since this would have a $0 balance, it would not come into play.


So, leave the account alone!  Smiley Happy

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