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No love from myFico

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No love from myFico

My citifinancial account had current status 90+ days late with balance of $250 and past due amount of $186, however there was no negative indicator on myfico. I disputed and had everything corrected, so now showing paid as agreed $0 past due, $0 balance. I received an alert for the change in account but that's it, no score increase.  

From 566 in 8/2012 to..

EQ 704 /TU 690 / EX 730

Discover IT 6000, Amex BCE 10000, FNBO Amex 3500, Cap 1 platinum 2000, Walmart Discover 5000, Orchard Bank platinum 3000, Best Buy 5000, Merrick Bank 1600, Target Visa 700
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