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No update

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Re: No update

I have cap1 that's at 75% (300cl). Will get down after the new year. After the bad news with Walmart, got the best early present ever today! NCO just decided on their own to delete a paid account on all 3 of my reporting agencies! Last month I disputed with them thru myfico because it wasn't reporting as paid. I'm so happy! Smiley Very Happy With the help, knowledge and support from everyone here...... THANK YOU!!  within 2 months a judgment (which wasn't mine) and a collection account has been removed.. 


Still need to tackle

cap1 (1 late 30 day payment) in jan 2012. No luck with the GW. 

2 paid judgments both medical. Got good advance earlier, will start on the process tomorrow. 


No Positive TL. (Reason for trying to get Walmart) 





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