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Nordstrom denies goodwill adjustment

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Nordstrom denies goodwill adjustment

I recently wrote a GW to nordstrom requesting to remove a paid charge off and they responded with, "We have reviewed your account and at this time we are unable to accommodate your request. If you have anything further questions regarding this matter, please contact our office at 1-800-964-1800. We look forward to serving you again soon." 


Signed by a support services specialist named Bill "Mod Edit" , should I directly write to him? Speak to him? I'm not giving up.


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Re: Nordstrom denies goodwill adjustment

Since this person is not willing to help at this time.

I would suggest sending another GW, to see if another person is more helpful to you.

If you do try calling, try to talk with a supervisor. 

Good Luck to You!! Smiley Happy


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