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Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

I'm in trouble with these clowns too. they placed a neg report on my equifax which I'm DV'ing and disputing. their business conduct is completely fraudulent. I have reported them to FTC.  I will keep you posted on the progress.

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

I Disputed with tu and it was deleted

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

they popped up on my reports too!!!! it sux coz i'm currently rebuilding....  has anyone else have luck in disputing this???

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

i have found that this is a collection agency for a cash net payday loan and they will try to collect from anyone that might have been listed on the application as a reference, weird thing is how do they get all the personal info?

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Just paid a debt I had that wentto NRG. Their contact number is 877-576-2970.


I worked with a edited who was very helpful and stated that the tradeline would be removed from all CBs following payment. I also received a letter in the mail stating this. 


Before doing this I disputed the tradeline and this prompted NRG to contact me. 


Hope the number helps some of you.


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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

they have messed my credit rating also to an quack credit reporting bureau equifax you can never get them to do anything at equifax. Let me know what happens

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

This company called me a few months ago trying to collect on a debt they say I incurred in 2004!!! I had no idea what they were talking about and had never heard of the original debtor they said I owed money to.  Needless to say I told them I don't pay things like this over the phone and to send me something in writing. They never did. I didn't hear anything else and I thought it was a scam and didn't think anything more about it. I never heard back from them. Well, imagine my shock when I checked my credit report after the first of the year and this company had reported a collection on my Equifax and Transunion credit files!!! I called them repeatedly and asked them to validate the debt - send me something in writing - anything to let me know that they had the correct person. They had my name correct but not my birthday. They were so rude, kept hanging up on me, threatened to "serve" me at work, etc, etc. I almost paid them just to get them to remove it from my credit reports!! They said the only way they would remove the information from my credit file was for me to pay up or file a police report and report it as fraud and fax them the police report. So, I called the local police department and was told that all I needed to do was dispute it on my Equifax and Transunion credit reports. That turns the table on them and they HAVE to validate the debt or it will be removed from my credit file. Well, GUESS WHAT?????? They did not respond to the dispute and Equifax and Transunion both removed the debt/collection from my credit report!! It was so easy to do online and it only took about 30 days for both credit reporting agencies to respond. I am so proud of myself for not caving to these scumbags!! It was only $328.00 but I KNEW it wasn't my debt and they couldn't prove it. They try to strong arm people by using intimidation and phrases like "you will be served at work", blah, blah, blah. DON'T GIVE IN TO THEM!!!!!! MAKE THEM VALIDATE THE DEBT. If they won't work with you directly, do it through the credit reporting agencies dispute process. It worked for me.

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Most places like that won't even report to your CRs because it leaves a paper trail that can be followed.  Congrats to you for not falling for their strong arm tactics.

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Grannymae, they just did this exact same thing to me. Calling about some payday loan that I supposedly took out over the internet and had deposited to a prepaid card. WHAT A LIE! They have no information to send me because it was "online". This is BS - what do you guys suggest I do first. The guy told me I have to get a police report and fax it to them, I don't want to go through all that, especially since I know it's not mine or is so old (10+ years) that I can't even remember it. I didn't even know you could get money deposited to prepaid cards. If I dispute, do I need to do that in writing or did it work to just do it online ? Should I just go get the police report (I don't have acct #'s or anything, they won't send me anything in writing ). Ugggh, we're in the process of building our first home. Any advice would be great.
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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

You can submit the dispute online. It is very simple. When you initiate the dispute online, the credit reporting agency, Equifax, TransUnion, etc. will contact Northern Resolution and demand they validate the debt. They have 30 days to do so. If they don't validate the debt the credit reporting agency will remove it from your file. Easy as that!!! I was so relieved. I did some further research on this issue and found that these scammers will purchase old payday loans and contact the people listed on the loan applications as references and try to get money out of them making them think THEY took out the loan!!! I have multiple siblings, all over the country, and any one of them could have listed me as a reference without my knowledge. So, NR has my name, phone # and address and they started harassing me making me think I took out the loan. They refused to provide anything to me in writing, of course, and gave me the same song and dance about contacting the police. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT!!!!! This company will back down as soon as you challenge them because they can't prove anything. KEEP FIGHTING THEM!!!!! It will be worth it.

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