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Not sure how to fix this....

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Not sure how to fix this....

Hello all,

I pulled my credit report from this site and on page two where it shows you how to understand your FICO score and give you what is hurting your score. Anyway, it lists 4 things. The last one is saying that I have balances on accounts that are past due. However what they are listing as past due is my auto installment of $14,000. The problem with this is that its NOT past due. I am current and have been for 12 months. I believe this is keeping my scores down.


Is this a true statement? Why would the score report state this? Is there anything that I can do to fix this?


Please help!!


I just looked further and under credit at a glance it says that I have just over $900 past due on 3 accounts.  now i am even more confused.  which of these ar really hurting my scores? 

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