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Not sure how to proceed

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Not sure how to proceed

I contacted A doctors office I knew I had an outstanding balance with in an attempt to make a payment before they reported to my credit report.  They told me that they reported  to the '' local'' credit bureau back in March.  Well it has not been updated on my credit report with any of the major bureaus like Equifax etc. The doctor's  office said I could pay them and they would contact the bureau to make them aware that it was paid but I'm concerned  that it may prompt a reporting of paid in full on my credit report even though they are not reporting it now. Should I go ahead and pay them and just hope it doesn't appear on my credit  report or should I try and contact  this '' local'' credit bureau to see if they even have the Account

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Re: Not sure how to proceed

I'm not sure what a "local" credit bureau is.  I would just contact them and ask if you pay this that they will not post anything.  It's a modified PFD>

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