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Nothing seems to make a difference...

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Nothing seems to make a difference...

Looking for advice, tough to feel like it isn't personal, I've been trying for 6-8 years to get the credit rebuilt, but I my efforts seem to have almost no effect. 


Current situation, 8 cards, all VERY high utilization (combined 89-90%). Get my bonus tomorrow, and will be paying all these cards to $0.00. Might utilize they AZEO plan in the future, but most of the cards are toy cards

2x Credit One ($1600 / $1400 limits)

2x Capital One ( $1500 / $1250 limits)

Discover Secured ($200 limit)

Indigo ($300 limit)

Shell gas ($300 limit)

Conoco gas ($100 limit)


My income is really strong, also have a home mortgage (~$2700/mo with PMI), just finished paying off two different car loans (had high interest loans for the last 25 years). 


I have about 9 collections (about half are medical), totalling about $2500 (depending on which CB is asked).  The dates on all these are 2015-2017.  With the bonus mentioned above, I can pay off all the collections accounts, as well as 100% of my CC debt. 


Here's what I'm really trying to do - I refuse to get into another high interest auto loan, but I need a new vehicle (new to me...). After much research, a lease seems like a good play for me; so that's probably my preference, my current numbers are 589EX, 678EQ, 639TU. 


How do I get to a good auto loan/lease fairly quickly?




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Re: Nothing seems to make a difference...

I’m sure others will come along with more help, but...

If you lower your credit card utilization, that will mostly likely give you some score increases. Don’t forget to leave a small (like $5) balance on one of your bank cards, like a Capital One card (FICO penalizes for $0 reported revolving balance).

Try to get PFD agreements on the collections accounts. If you get those removed, that will help a ton.

Your scores (at least EQ and TU) aren’t horrible (all things considered) now and you should see some increases when the dust settles with your payments. I don’t think you’ll have as hard of a time as you think getting a car loan at an OK interest rate.

Best of luck to you!
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Re: Nothing seems to make a difference...

Paying off your credit cards with bonus will give you a nice bump in your scores. You should qualify for a credit union car loan. Will you have enough left over from your bonus for a nice down payment? Can you sell your older car to a private party to bump your down payment? A nice down payment will help you secure a good interest rate
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Re: Nothing seems to make a difference...

In regards to the poster above me, if the answer is no, you might consider paying a little less on your cards - decide on a car, take a portion of the bonus to use as a down payment, and pay off as much CC debt as you can with the rest. Target your payments to zero out or get below 8.9% as many cards as you can. Let your scores update, and then take your down payment to the bank to see about financing the balance of the car. In a few months you could finish the paydown of the cards and have your car already in the driveway.

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