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Now what? Dispute Status Still Pending After 30 Days

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Now what? Dispute Status Still Pending After 30 Days

Dispute with Equifax filed on Feb 5th. According to the numorous emails they estimated a result by March 7th. Currently it’s still in Pending Status. Don’t they only have 30 days to resolve? Is there anyway to push for this to be wrapped up?
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Re: Now what? Dispute Status Still Pending After 30 Days

The requirement under the FCRA is not that the consumer receive a decision within 30 days for filing, it is only that the CRA must conclude their reinvestigation within 30 days.

They then have an additional 5 business days, which can be up to 8 calendar days, thereafter within which to send the Notice of Results of REinvestigation to the consumer.   That Notice must be sent in writing unless the consumer has specifically agreed to accept the Notice in electronic form.  That can add a week or so to actual receipt by the consumer.


The consumer should normally wait at least 45 days from filing before contesting lack of receipt of a Notice of Results of Reinvestigation from the CRA.

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