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OC's Won't Send Documents As Requested

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OC's Won't Send Documents As Requested

Both WAMU/Providian and HSBC are reporting incorrectly. So, I requested an OC investigation. HSBC claims that they found hard copies of my signature, but each time they write me they only send me some type of form letter. WAMU does the same thing.

So, I mailed them both another letter stating that this information does not complete the FCRA requirements. Still nothing. They simply keep reporting inaccurate information. Additionally, the CRAs continue to verify even though I've outlined all the inaccurate info. UUUGHHHH!!

Shoud my next step be to file a claim with the FTC?

Any guidance is appreciated.

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Re: OC's Won't Send Documents As Requested

An OC does NOT have to answer the OC letter UNLESS  you disputed with the CRAs and the OC verified.
Did you dispute?   If you did file a complaint with the ftc
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