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OC still reporting


OC still reporting

I have been hard at work on rebuilding for over a year now. I have a few last things hanging around that I just can' t seem to get off my report....

1) Verizon Wireless account opened in 2010. I let a friend open an account in my name so she could use a discount I was eligible for. Not very smart, and lesson learned the hard way. She stopped paying mid-2011, and I found out when the collection showed up on my CR. I immediately contacted Verizon to try to work out payment and removal from my report, but they refused to there it still is on all 3 CR' s.

2) HSBC card that was charged off and shows zero balance. was a CO around 2009. I have settled with the CA but am not sure where to begin with this CO.

3) An account with Capital One that was settled for less than owed in 2010. Capital One declined a GW request and a PFD request where I offered to pay the remainder of what was owed. Where should I go from here? Should I pay in full so it updates my CR to say paid in full or just let it age?

Starting Score: 577 EX 9/9/2015
Current Score: 577 EX 9/9/2015
Goal Score: 700

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