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I had a judgment against me that was filed in 2006 (6 years & 6 months ago). The original amount was for 3,500. In 2008 I paid off half of the $3,500, and since then have not paid off the remaining.


Today... For first time ever, my credit report is displaying this judgment under the public records of my report. Stating it was reported to Experian today; however, the filing date reflects 2006. It also displays the $3,500 amount.


My 3 questions are:

Why does it reflect the original $3,500 and not $1,750?


More importantly, I have read up on SOL in Michigan and if I'm correct, the creditor would have to renew the judgment within 5 years of the original filing date (minus any months in which payments were made). If they don't then the judgment can not be collected or could not be reported in public records... Is this correct?


I also noticed that even with this being placed in public records of my CR... My score has not decreased. Is that normal?


Thanks in advance

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