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One baddie collection down...

New Contributor

One baddie collection down...

And 2 more to go. One on Ex and one on TU. Eq has no collections (knock on wood!). So far, that's 7 gone since I started my quest! After that, only things left is baddies from the BK which will slowly come off next year. Btw, I would also like to share that I was able to lease a beautiful Volvo S60 T5 this past Friday Smiley Happy Keep on trucking myFico friends!

Starting Score: Jan 2011: 517; March 2012: 620
Current Score: Ex 681 FairIsaac V2; TU 690 Classic04; Eq 642 Beacon5.0-All lender pull 8/13/12
Goal Score: 700

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