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Online Banking Mess

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Online Banking Mess

Ok I admit I was afraid of on-line banking due to the hackers etc. But once my credit union showed me, I really thought it was so easy and I began to become confident in using it. Saves stamps, not to mention trees.


Well my fears of on line banking were re-enforced in the past few months. I'm with California Coast Credit Union. 


Errors began happening in the past month.  One was a gas card bill, the other was a cable bill.  My cable and gas bill statement  for the month came in saying they were not paid, and that I was over due to pay immediately. The cable bills electronic check was denied supposedly due to lack of funds. ( not true) The gas card bill was paid to an account that was closed down. 


First let me explain the gas card one.


The account was the wrong number, it had been closed down. Yet the payment went through to the company ( mobil who who is affliated with Citi Bank ). The electronic check passed through and the money debited out of my account. When I called both Mobil and my credit union,  neither could explain what happened or why. So now the credit union put a tracer  out for the electronic check, since it showed it was paid. 


My question:

If the account was closed, wouldn't it have been feasible to send the electronic check back to the bank?  So as the correct account could be credited and fixed?  ( At least that is how I think anyway) This is still pending.



The second  mistake was the cable company bill, and the credit union denying the electronic check because of  lack of funds. 

Angry, I go to the cable company with a check in hand to pay, they refused the check and I ended up paying with a credit card. I was then informed by the representative,  if this keeps up, ( since this was the second time the credit union did this) they would shut down my cable.

I went over to my credit union  ask them  why they told the cable company I had no funds in my account, when I have more than enough money there.  No explanation and denied ever doing this.


Needless to say, both entities passed the buck, neither would take responsibility of who made the mistake. 


It's not the first time  the credit union messed up payments.  They caused my rent and utilities to be late. When questioned as to why, they had no answer.


It leaves me feeling that you cannot trust this credit union's online banking, even with the confirmation numbers and paying days before the due date, accounts are paid late or not at all.  So I'm back to writing checks until I can find a bank I  "can" trust.



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Re: Online Banking Mess

I'm not sure who you talked to at your credit union, but if they were not able to assist you, and they were unwilling or unable to escalate to someone who could help you, I'd take the next step:


National Credit Union Administration: Consumer Assistance/Compliants


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Re: Online Banking Mess

We regret any inconvenience you have experienced.  For your protection and security, we are unable to release personal information through this public forum and would like to discuss your issues with you directly.  California Coast Credit Union is a member-owned organization and we want to assure you that providing personalized and caring service is very important to us.  We welcome your feedback as it will assist us in providing better service to all our members.  Please call me at (877) 495-1600 or email me at

Donna Hansen
California Coast Credit Union

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Re: Online Banking Mess

OP, in case that is phishing, please verify that phone number independently before calling and giving any personal information.

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