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Online Dispute with EX and EQ in 2017

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Re: Online Dispute with EX and EQ in 2017

Porch wrote:

Trying to dispute a stupid government overpayment.


I disputed it back in December on all three

Experian is the fastest, they deleted it within a matter of days

Transunion verified it and said no change

Equifax is now at 50 days pending, well over the 45 days mark. They should be forced to delete it but Equifax seems beyond piss poor from my experience.


It makes me so angry because the government was at fault for overpaying me in the first place. This stupid item is the only reason I don't have 700s across the board.

I don't believe that to be true. Courts aren't subject to the FCRA.


You should probably contact LexisNexis, where they obtain public records from.

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