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Online dispute status, please help

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Online dispute status, please help

I posted the following a week or so ago and not a lot of response. Still I would like input if anyone knows how this works. 


I disputed a collections account that I didn't recognize on my Transunuion credit report. I did it as an online dispute over 2 weeks ago. When I click on the check status of dispute, everything just says "n/a". Does that mean that the dispute did not go through? Are they just not posting anything because they are waiting to hear back from the collections co? I realize it is going to take a month or so to get a final verdict but I'm worried the initial dispuse isn't being proccessed and I'm wasting time...

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Re: Online dispute status, please help

When i disputed it always said either "pending" or "Investigation complete."

You could try calling them and asking if they have a dispute going for you.  I've never heard of or read of "n/a" before. 

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Re: Online dispute status, please help

I've never heard of N/A either. I've had the best success with writing detailed dispute letters and providing backup via postal mail.

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