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Opened Date Changing?


Opened Date Changing?

I have 3 items on my credit report that are a bit confusing to me. It is my understanding that the date an item drops of the report depends on the date it was opened.


Credit One Bank had a Credit Card on my report with an open date of 6/1/2010 - so I assume it falls off 6/1/2017/

Then the balance changed to $0 and Midland Funding picked it up so I assume the debt was sold. Now Midland is reporting an open date of 10/1/2011.

The same thing with MidAmerican Energy. It posted with IC Systems as an open date of 12/1/2008. Then was sold and to Diversified Adjustment and the open date changed to 8/1/2011.


Same thing with a Best Buy card that first reported an opened ate of 12/1/2006, then sold to LVNV Funding and open date changed to 9/1/2011.


Is this right? Why is the open date changing!? Should I do a DV to get the correct open dates? Or am I missing something here?


I'm sorry - I'm new to this and still trying to figure it all out! Any help is very much appreciated!!!

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Re: Opened Date Changing?

A debt with a CA (collection agency) drops off your CR (credit report), 7.5 years from the DoFD (date of first default), paid or unpaid.


EQ CR will list the DoFD and TU & EX will have the date of removal on them.

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Re: Opened Date Changing?

The date opened has nothing to do with something being excluded from your CR.


Date opened for a CA is when they acquired the debt.  It is still excluded under the same terms as the OC account.


Date opened for an OC is the date they opened your CC or whatever it is.


Items are exlcuded based on the DoFD for COs or collections.

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Re: Opened Date Changing?

So what do I do when it changes? Request DV or dispute through CRA?

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Re: Opened Date Changing?

newmomnewme wrote:

So what do I do when it changes? Request DV or dispute through CRA?

Nothing. There's nothing wrong with a changing open date [on a reporting CA].

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