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Over and Over Answer is No


Over and Over Answer is No

I wish I had success with my hard work and time trying to have as we all know the toughest companies to delete.
I started around March writing letters.
Waited few month try again.
Thanks to the board I learned about emails and goodwill technique.
Well come Sept at the end I tried again.
No No that's my answer.

First Premier
Credit One
Fall off 2022
Do you think I should wait month or 2
Then try.
Maybe forget the last.
I read alot of post that others r no luck with goodwill.
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Re: Over and Over Answer is No

GW campaigns are just that...a Campaign. Some have had luck their first attempt, for others, it could take a few years even. They may never honor a GW but, there is that one chance that they eventually do...the question is...Are you willing to give up and possibly let that chance pass you by?
You don’t have to send GW’s everyday. You can send say, 2 letters a month for awhile and then switch it up and send send one a week. Wait and take a break, then start again with a different approach.
The choice is purely yours in the end whether you want to continue(?) IMHO, I would keep it going and take breaks in between and give for “out of sight out of mind.” Then blast’em again. Remember, there is no “right or wrong” way to GW. They’ll either honor or they won’t.

Hope that helps some?

Good Luck!!🤞


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Re: Over and Over Answer is No

I would not wait a couple of months to send another letter. Try to find another email, phone # to get to someone who can help you.

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Re: Over and Over Answer is No

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Re: Over and Over Answer is No

How about you try the "wait until they age off your credit report trick"...

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