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Overwhelmed.....DV Letter

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Overwhelmed.....DV Letter

Hello to all on this forum. As you can notice, I am new here. I am so inspired by you all to get back on track and raise my credit score which is atrocious. By reading a ton of posts, I think that a DV letter is something I need to work on as I have things on my recently viewed report that I am not sure of because they are so old. I would like to get the DV letters out soon as I have the momentum now. I have spent hours looking for "the one" to send but I am not sure. I am wondering if someone could help me out and maybe either post one or send me one via message.


I apologize in advance if I have not given enough information but like i said.....Im new. Thanks so much for your help and for contributing such valuable information.

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Re: Overwhelmed.....DV Letter

What I would do is send one written by you with bits and pieces out of several you read online. Tailor the letter to suit your current situation, never just copy/paste a letter you see online, it might work but it's not worth the risk of them just ignoring it because they have seen it before.

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Re: Overwhelmed.....DV Letter

+1   And a DV letter is quite simple.   I am asking for validation of this account.    Basically not much more needed.  All those that you see that request contracts, signatures,  etc. is a waste of time.  A proper DV does not require that and you're not going to get it from them.  All they have to give you is the name of the OC and the amount.  That's about it.

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